Fabio space logo designs and abstractartwork


Logos that work well for startup branding purposes are those that are balanced correctly in their design.

Proportion is everything if you want to have a well-designed logo.

When considering the balance of your company logo design here’s some questions you should ask yourself:

  • When looking at the finished design does it feel weighted on one side? Do you get the feeling that the logo design is pulling you to the one way all the time
  • Does the design fit well into the shape you have it in or does it appear too big or too small?




An unbalanced logo design will tend to feel like it is drawing to one side.

To fix this, you may need to work out a few ways to move the logodesign on the shape or to add an image that helps to even out the symmetry of the design.

The Apple logo is a create example of a well-balanced logo.

Why is Logo Design Important for Your Company?

Sloppy and ineffective marketing is the origin of half of all business failures inside their first few years, this includes forgoing logo design If you are a sole proprietorship or small business that is waiting until a few clients come your way until you begin the process of designing a company logo and/or marketing materials such as flyers, business cards, posters etc. here are some very important items to consider.

1. You need to create the quickest possible path to your company?s success

Creating a unique logo will add to your company?s visibility and integrity, two items that will help your business grow and accomplish success.

2. Your business could appear unstable

When your company starts and is developing its image, starting with one logo and then changing a few months later or even one year later to another company logo, will create confusion for your clients. They may begin to wonder if your company changed owners. Overall, it can lead to the appearance of your company being unstable.

3. Your business could look amateurish

Having a logo that was not professionally designed ? or no logo at all ? will make your business seem unprofessional. It could lend the idea that your company cannot perform to or meet the standards that your client is seeking. Therefore, professional logo design is essential in grabbing your potential clients? attention and portraying professionalism.